The Boats:

Lone Wolf II

Weather Conditions:

Great weather 4-5 knots

Trip Duration / Attendees:

1 Day / 4

The Catch:

Coral Trout, Red Throat Emperor (Rare) Gold Spot Trevally, Spotty Cod, Big Mouth Nannygai

The Carnage:

Very little

The Results:

A fabulous time had by all. Loved the boat especially the plotter.

Looking forward to coming again.


Catching the Big Mouth Nannygai. Guys were also impressed with having the bonus of seeing the best whale show ever, as they came right up next and even under the boat.

Action Charters Trips

Fishing Adventure August 2020

On Saturday, the 15th of August 2020 was one of those days. With not a breath of wind, nice small tides and 2 full boats of keen fishers, we set off at sun rise all pumped up for a great day on the water.

Fishing Trip May 5th 2021

We departed the marina nice and early to shoot out to the Channel to chase some Nannygai. The first spot we looked at we found a very attractive looking sounder with large schools of fish sitting up off the bottom.

Fishing Trip May 7th 2021

After a quick trip to the channel our day of fishing kicked off with a lovely Red Emperor coming over the side. Bill was absolutely stoked to say the least to land a Reddy in the first half hour of fishing. Bill lives out west of Toowoomba so he…