The Boats:

Lone Wolf II

The Catch:

Pink Dew, Lipper, Coral Trout

Weather Conditions:

10 knots

The Carnage:

Very little

Trip Duration:

1 Day

The Results:

All enjoyed the fishing platform & caught the first big fish (Pink Dew) in 5 years.




They fish a different place every year from Tasmania to Western Australia and this was the best fishing they have had. Loved the swim at the Islands on the way back.

Action Charters Trips

Fishing Trip August 2018

Angela was the star of the day with two Red Emperor showing up her male colleagues who contributed to the catch with a mixture of grassy Sweetlip and Nannygai.

Fishing Trip July 2018

Being just after the new moon, the very large tidal range did not help and when combined with a southerly breeze, the conditions were far from ideal.