Fishing Trip North Queensland

You have to be tough to be a concreter in north Queensland. And you have to be tough to go fishing on a 5.8 meter tide with westerly winds. So I guess that makes Mick, Richie, Kelly and Matt tough.

Up here, there are two things we hate as fishermen, king tides and westerly winds, and when you combine the two you know you are in for a hard time on the fishing front.

The guys were forewarned but as it was their only chance for a day off. They were keen to go and they certainly made the most of their day on the water.

Mick won the day with a nice Red Emperor and when combined with some Nannygai and Grassy Sweetlip, they had a nice feed to take home.

They can’t wait to do it again but will check the tide times before the next trip.

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Mixed photos from trips on board The Gun in 2014