Action Charters Fishing Adventure

As the sun rises in front of you over the Coral Sea and the sight of Mackay Marina and the mainland falling away behind a sense of excitement and anxiousness fills the air. Although its too early yet, In the back of everyone’s mind is the all too familiar sound of the sharp scream of a fishing reel spinning wildly as a monster of the deep takes the bait and tries with all his life to escape.

In no time at all, the twin 200 HP Yamaha bring you and your group of mates closer to your destination and your next chance to land the fish of a life time draws nearer and nearer. It’s the thrill of the chase, the fight and the glory of returning triumphant which attracts everyday people to the Lone Wolf.


  • Reef Fishing
  • Sports Fishing
  • Heavy Tackle Fishing
  • Island Visiting
  • Beach Combing
  • Whale Watching

Action Charters will provide you with a unique, extra value day trip or live on board one of the Great Barriers Reef's most exciting vessels cruising the Whitsundays or the outer reef as we cater for all your requirements.

Action Charters Fishing Trip Deals


Description: Excellent way to start your fishing experience, the day trip will give you a chance to experience sport fishing and experience the beauty of the Mackay shore waters. We visit a couple of premium locations that only our knowledgeable skippers know about.
Maximum No of people: 4
Total charter cost: $1,700*


Description: When you like a little extra room, speed and stability The Gun is the vessel for you. We will spend the day chasing your favourite species and exploring the beautiful Mackay region.
Maximum No of people: 5
Total charter cost: $2,000*

Common to All our Packages

Departure Location: Mackay Marina

Food & Beverages: On charter lunch, lite snacks, bottled water and soft drinks are all provided. Alcohol not included, you are welcome to BYO.

Fishing Tackle: All tackle, bait, rods and reels will be provided. You are also welcome to bring all of your own tackle and/or reels.

T&C: All packages require a 20% non-refundable deposit to confirm booking. Final balance of payment is due 30 days prior to departure. Loss or damage to tackle will incur additional replacement costs.

*GST & Reef Tax included.

See T&C page


Description: Many times we have enquiries from parties that do not have the numbers to hire the complete boat, if this is you, select this package and we will keep you in our database and compile compatible groups and before you know it, you will be fishing and meeting new people.
Maximum No of people: 5
Cost per person: $425*

Surprise your family/friends and be on the way to a great fishing adventure!

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Best Fishing Charters in Mackay Voucher

Troll for Spanish Mackerel on our fishing charter boats

Mackay is the best location on the east coast to catch these fantastic fish. Between July and November…… The hunt is on!

Spanish Mackerel, both to catch and to eat are arguably a fantastic fish. An apex predator with a body designed for speed and attack, complimented and razor sharp teeth designed for slicing and killing prey.

During this time of year many fishermen travel to this part of the world in search of hooking up to one of these great fighters in the ocean. Found throughout many tropical waters around Australia and America they are sometimes called King Mackerel, Blue Mackerel or even Narrow Barred Mackerel because of the dark bars which are evident along both flanks of the fish. Whatever they are called when a one of these is on the end of your line you definitely know about it. The initial run they make once hooked will have your line peeling off the reel with lightning speed. With a sometimes short rest in between lightning fast bursts of speed these great fish will fight hard right to the end and it makes landing a Spaniard just that little bit more rewarding.

Off the coast of Mackay between the months of July and November the yearly migration of these awesome animals brings them to our doorstep and people come from all over the country to catch that fish worthy enough to brag about. After the very prized table fish, Coral Trout, Spanish mackerel is the second most targeted species by Queensland Commercial Fishermen. So your taste buds can enjoy your catch long after the thrill of the fight it takes land one has worn off.

For a great Spanish Mackerel fishing experience contact Action Charters and book your next trip!

Action Charters Crew

Peter Bonanno

Captain Peter Bonanno

Master ˂35M

Peter was born and bred in Mackay and has been fishing the area from his home base and all points north through to the Torres Strait since he was old enough to hold a rod. He began his marine career at the age of 18 as a deckhand working on local fishing charters. During this time, he worked towards his Masters and he now has 10 years' experience in all aspects of the industry. For the past three years Peter has been the captain of a live-a-board charter based out of Mackay.

Peter loves his fishing and more importantly loves helping customers catch their dream fish.

Dion Vail

1st Mate Dion Vail

Dion Vail grew up on the West Coast of Victoria where he started working on weekends and school holidays as a deck hand at the age of 15. He traveled all over Australia and overseas when working for the government on fishing boats in NT, VIC and QLD.

Dion spent last 4 years on the Great Barrier Reef as Head Deck Hand, has good knowledge of all aspects of fishing, favourite being soft plastic and lure fishing.

A successful tournament angler on the Australian Bream Tour - 4 time ABT Grand Finalist, 2010 Victoria Grand Champion.